Recognize Mines

PredictiveWorks. capability to build predictive data pipelines with the world’s largest collection of code-free plugins is a business value of its own.

An easy-to-use point-and-click interface for pipeline operation, to select and organize plugins and another click to build and execute pipelines to run for predictive answers, guarantees that expertise-based bottlenecks are removed.

Also one of the most important KPIs, time to insight, is sent to a minimum.

Focusing on how to organize and build advanced analytics pipelines in the most simplest way, however, is not enough to turn predictive analytics into sustainable competitive advantage:

The most dangerous mines that blow up modern analytics to dust are located under the surface.


PredictiveWorks. neutralizes all known mines that let corporate adoption of predictive analytics fail, with a mix of powerful features:

Train as You Predict

Data scientists often develop data models very fast. Bringing trained models into production is hampered by different infrastructures and technologies. This runs the risk that models produce small or no effect for corporate data processing.

PredictiveWorks. leverages the same standardized technology for model building and usage and minimizes barriers and risks to generate insights and foresights.

Model Management

Advanced analytics builds models from known facts & observations as a solid foundation to look ahead and predict what will happen and how can we make it happen. Data-driven companies have to master hundreds of data models with different features, parameters, versions and model accuracy indicators.

PredictiveWorks. offers a powerful model life cycle management and model visualization to always stay informed which data model causes which forecasts and predictions.

Context Aware Pipelines

Data pipelines are technical solutions to retrieve automated insights and foresights. They implement a certain business case, organized in tasks, and are often related to other pipelines. Data pipelines, separated from this context are senseless, and managing hundreds or even thousands of them without context is impossible.

PredictiveWorks. ships with the concept of business templates. Templates aggregate pipelines, plugins and business context in a single structured information and define what companies do with their data and why.

Pipeline Knowledge

Business templates define the DNA of modern data-driven companies and represent a huge treasure of business knowledge. Without a powerful pipeline knowledge management most of this knowledge cannot be reused for similar business cases.

User acceptance and experience is key to any corporate knowledge management and decides whether the wheel is reinvented or not. PredictiveWorks. ships with the world's first pipeline knowledge management system that is organized as a market place and turns knowledge discovery into a shopping experience.